Plan Name
TDA A800
Dental Savings Plus

 Monthly Premium for Individual
 Plan DetailsTDA PlanSavings Plus

 Waiting Periods

 Annual MaximumNoneNone
 Basic Services80% Avg Savings20-40% Avg Savings
 Major Services50% Avg Savings20-40% Avg Savings

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These are the average costs the patient will pay per procedure with an in-network provider. Actual costs and savings may vary by provider, geographic area and service received. Keep in mind, there are limits and exclusions to the discounts available. Please refer to your contract for more information on the limitations and exclusions that may apply.

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1. Source: Wyatt Myers: The Top 7 Reasons We Avoid the Dentist July, 11 2012

2. Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Trends in Oral Health Status April 30, 2007

"44 % of people were not visiting the dentist because they don’t have dental insurance."1


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            90%  of all Tooth Decay is Preventable 2

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